New Horizons

Virtual reality is a world of metaphysical qualities, revolutionizing our daily lives. The meta-worlds supply an advanced form of interaction and a new interface through which we live our reality. At the moment, we are at the stage of building the foundations of this virtual ecosystem that will eventually evolve into a self-sustaining virtual world. As many in the metaverse industry attempt to create enclosed virtual spaces with pre-scripted content mainly for a commercial and business use, OWNverse is one step ahead. We believe that the real metaverse needs to be co-created by all and available as open source. Not made and managed by few.

While strongly innovative and technologically oriented, our creations aim at collaboration and empowerment of users. This is the true purpose and nature of the Internet, but now with 3D immersive features and advanced web applications that offer new forms of connectivity. For us, this is Web3.

Currently, most internet users are passive consumers of information that exists on the network. This is the base-line of presently spread and widely used Web2 dubbed as the “Internet of Information”. As we shift towards Web3 as the “Internet of Value”, users become co-creators of the 3D immersive experiences.

Showing the real value of virtual experiences, OWNverse develops a simple to use toolkit for creating and using virtual spaces accessible to a wide audience.

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