Our Mission

What We AreTo reach the set horizons, we are on a mission to:


We believe that many amazing tools, products and services already exist and nailed their craft. Our goal is to bring these functioning tools together and unite the coolest and high-value solutions under one roof. We aim at joining functionalities with the following:

We do not want to simply re-create e-commerce in the virtual space. We want to allow integration of existing Web2 spaces such as Shopify stores in any of the 3D virtual spaces within OWNverse.

If you are an artist and have an Artstation, DeviantArt or other, you can keep using your usual tools, with just one click.

This can be done with many more real cases of Web2 platforms that already exist and simply bringing them one dimension higher to the virtual space.

Make accessible

As designers and developers, we do understand the limitations of the metaverse experience for creators. This directly impacts accessibility. But we believe that with a smart approach towards combining all tools together, ease of access is not out of reach. Our practical targets are:

One-click integrations

Low-entry threshold for non-tech savvy users

Affordable subscription

Easy, documented, open-source for developers\

What We Are What We Are Not
A platform allowing integration of services you already know and use Yet another metaverse project with great graphics, but no practical usage or program
All-in-one tool for beginners, with newest technologies at the basis A copy of an existing platform or service
Revolutionary, future-proof component-based system An enclosed commercial project
Great source of opportunities for developers
First multi-player and Cloud solution for web-based projects
Community friendly, open-source platform

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