Virtual World Rethought

The OWNverse allows building of unique virtual spaces on the tools offered by the OWN platform. Within this space, users have the power to recreate anything that exists in the virtual universe and in conjunction, integrate services they already use.

To illustrate the power and versatility of our platform, we present OWNspace โ€“ a showroom with a wide variety of innovative features that allows creation of a vibrant place with its own community. To attract and scale up our user base, our focus is set on creating stunning locations and a rich entertainment program.

Our platform, however, is not just created by us. At OWNverse, we empower our users to create their OWN uni-VERSE by giving them the creative tools to design their own virtual mini-worlds. We believe that this is the essence of building a vibrant community โ€“ to meet, share and foremost, co-create. With us and with the others in all virtual and online spaces.

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