An Open Platform

Since our goal is to create a livable virtual ecosystem and a thriving wide-spread community, our contribution is to make our platform partially open source or open use. Expected to be used and expanded by our community, we make these features accessible:
The Metaverse Constructor kernel will be made available on GitHub
Library for multiplayer integration into any application
For purely commercial solutions, we make available:
Visual editor:
available free on the platform, but not open source
some modules will contain advanced paid features
ability to create own modules, both paid and free
basic templates made available for free, full version paid
the source code locked
Services used within the platform only will be closed-source: Avatars HUB, Content HUB, Cloud App Storage
The main purpose of open source is to build trust in our platform and attract an audience. Open code available on GitHub with available documentation and interaction from the audience emanates liveliness and demand. Communities around open source are able to contribute to the development of the product and are viable hires for the company. Third-party developers will be able to join with module creation and monetize their work.
Open source directly impacts the economics of our product, which is built on community