Avatars integrations

Internal avatar tool and release plans

A tool for creating, customizing and configuring virtual avatars to use in any application on the platform. This space is designed to simplify the process of adding avatars to virtual spaces and tweak their features.

The release version will run two most used web avatar formats:

VRM (used in VRChat, VRoid HUB, Viverse by HTC and others), which is our preferred due to its more lively performance featuring eye tracking, lip sync, hair and cloth physics and other

GLB (used in ReadyPlayerMe, Mozilla HUBs, and 50+ other projects)

For an unlimited database of avatars to select from, we will initially integrate two significant avatar ecosystems:

VRoid HUB โ€“ an immense amount of VRM-based avatars to select from

ReadyPlayerMe โ€“ creative tool for well-made GLB-based avatars

Moreover, our users will be able to use remarkable and advanced dev tools for avatars.

Viewer Features

Lighting settings

Facecap features (ARKit face motion synchronization, VISEMES lip sync)

IK Avatar Poser animation tool

Animations from ours and your own database supported in various formats (Mixamo FBX etc.)

Environment preview (background, HDRI etc.)

Screenshotting and quick editing

Social media sharing

Editor Features

Real-time hair/cloth physics configuration

Combining different avatar modules into one

Firstly VRM-based, later designed specifically for avatar needs

Evolving into Avatar HUB

Users can share, edit, trade and upload avatars in supported formats within our ecosystem or from other platforms, supporting the avatar creation community.

Avatar Configurator Showcase Demo

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