Release plans

By the time of the release of the platform, multiplayer will appear as an internal module with voice/text chat integrations. The list of features that will be included is the following:

Upon release of the platform, multiplayer will appear as an internal module with voice/chat integrations. This will include following features:

Transport via WebSockets & WebRTC Data Channel. One server instance will administer service to 50 active users.

Seamless integration of modules into the OWNverse platform along with a virtual space configurator.

Text and voice chat available via third-party integrations.

Services such as dispatcher, balancer, auth and permissions.

Future evolution

The multiplayer will evolve into a SaaS service providing users with ready-made servers for implementation of a multiplayer mode. This can be applied to virtual 3D spaces, games, and other applications created by our users, who can scale and adjust the number of users (players) in personal areas. The complexity of the server infrastructure will be adjusted to the number of simultaneous access requirements.

Personal areas are equipped with server usage statistics (number of players, time, overloads, server capacity needs etc.) managed by a monitoring system. An open-source client library will make the multiplayer possible to plug into web applications and synchronize across the network of multiple users. The server will have an API for direct integration. Support will be available on a paid subscription.

The multiplayer will contain these functionalities:

Abstract data exchange channel

Integrated voice and text chat service (proprietary service)

Library with ready-made components for the organizational data (e.g. position synchronization of objects and states)

Saving and restoration of data states

Restriction of user access

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