Templates & Integrations

We don't want you to change our user's workflow.  We want to show them new horizons.

The platform integration feature will be a real catcher for businesses, building on existing use and daily habits of our audience. To make everything as simple as possible, users will have access to templates that are specifically designed to emphasize users’ assets in the form of products, presentations, arts and other. By using our integrations, these will become spatialized. Any product, artwork or social media post will be possible to display within a 3D virtual space.

In the future, we plan on gradually expanding our reach (for instance to educational platforms), while our current offer entails integration of the following:

  Shopify – the biggest e-commerce platform with users’ online stores.  Canva and Google Slides – the world’s most used presentation tools.   Artstation, Pinterest, Behance – best places to showcase the artwork.   Sketchfab, Vectary, Spline – web-based 3D content design tools.   YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram – most popular social media platforms.

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