Virtual Space Constructor

Editor allowing users to create 3D virtual spaces of various complexities. It consists of two main parts: Visual Constructor and Kernel:

Visual Constructor

Virtual environment equipped with tools to create interactive spaces and applications. With the OWNverse creative toolkit users can design impressive virtual spaces and their own metaverses in the simplest way possible.
The construction process undergoes few steps as following scenario:
  1. 1.
    Enter the platform and open the constructor
  2. 2.
    Select a pre-designed template or start with an empty area adding content available in the Content HUB
  3. 3.
    Import additional user content or select from integrated databases such as SketchFab, 3D Spline and others
  4. 4.
    Select an avatar from user profile or available platforms such as VRoid, Ready Player Me and others
  5. 5.
    Click ‘publish’
Once the user has a 3D space and avatars created, it activates a long list of interactive functionalities, allowing users to invite friends to the 3D space and communicate via voice and text chat. Further, the constructor will allow:
Activation and configuration of the multiplayer feature
Integration and animation of avatars
Use of 3D models from the Content integrations
Selection of ready-made interfaces in the 3D space
Selection of ready-made styles (realistic, cartoon, cyberpunk etc.) and their customization
Import of pictures and videos from users’ libraries or from popular platforms such as YouTube and Twitch
Integration of product database and e-commerce platforms such as Shopify
Integration of NFT collections
As a foundation for all functionalities of the visual constructor, the operating system has a solid technical basis – a hard-working open-source engine. Thanks to that and the ECS architecture, the community can create extensions for the visual constructor. These extensions will be either hosted for free or sold on the platform, allowing users to grow and earn within OWNverse.
The Kernel library will be available to all users who wish to use, modify and extend the functionalities of the constructor. Both the kernel and the constructor will provide an ultimate and realistic VR interaction supported by WebXR as a standard for rendering 3D virtual reality scenery. The minimum available functionality includes:
ECS core
Resource manager
Animation system
Camera system
Network system (for multiplayer)
UI system
XR system
Physics system
Scenes system
Mesh component
VRM component
Avatar controllers such as First Person, Third Person, XR First Person
Teleport system
IK system

Future plans

After release, we will focus on the following futures:
Avatars and animation of from Avatar HUB
Use of 3D models from the Content HUB
Customization of item interaction (picking, throwing, clicking etc.)
Customization of the buying option within space
Selection of ready-made interfaces in the 3D space and their customization
Customization of interactive tours
Placement and configuration of teleports to other spaces (own or spaces of friends)
Creation of events and configuration of spaces for talk events
Extra feature for visual minimalists: an option to create applications via visual programming by using simple blocks to create smoother logic for particular applications