🌟 4. The OWNspace

OWNspace demo is already available by the link - https://ownspace.ownverse.world

Welcome screen

YouTube Menu

Behance Presentation

Artstation and Sketchfab integrations

OWNverse platform deploys virtual reality based on infrastructure that causes a shift in the way users spend their time and move within space. This is a synthetic environment creating shortcuts, allowing one to bypass physical reality and perform tasks at an increased speed and efficiency without any barriers.

The platform allows the creation of individual virtual worlds using templates and integrated features. These are designed to accommodate users' preferred activities built on their daily needs and habits. As displayed, users can take advantage of for example Shopify, Behance and Artstation integrations, being able to display their products and artwork portfolios in a 3D virtual space, or use an integrated Spotify player.

Our design is specifically created to foster users’ already established workflows and habits, only with expanded perks and features in the 3D virtual space.

Shopify interaction menu

Spotify menu

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