OWNverse Whitepaper

Minimum Viable Product

Q1 2023

During the initial stage, we are focusing on developing the MVP version of our platform. Our focus is oriented towards the foundational infrastructure and website mechanism with user entry and registration. We began building the avatar configuration system with a VRM viewer, browser-based 3D editor that allows users to change physics settings, set poses and run animations.
Another important focus is the 3D OWNverse demo for marketing purposes. It shows the 3D virtual space with allocated avatars demonstrating actions and movements, interacting with the environment and other avatars to showcase the multiplayer functionality that will be available right from the beginning.
With limited functionality, we will also present a demo of the Virtual Space Constructor, currently supporting import of 3D models and avatars, scene and parameter editing. The aim is maximum simplification to make all functionalities available in just a few clicks.
We also lay out the foundations for one of our most valuable features – the templates for integration of business solutions into the platform, such as Shopify and WooCommerce stores and showrooms.