Core Team

Our core team consists of over 40 members with various backgrounds and specializations, predominantly developers. While having a rich history of cooperation on other complex projects, the team shares a unified vision for the platform. Our focus is strongly oriented towards balancing futuristic ideas with grounded realism.
At the core of this project is a joint effort of two agencies – CyberFox and Web3Dev. The focal point of the past two years has been development of virtual spaces and their micro-versions, by which we gathered a deep insight into the market. We firmly believe that we identified the weak spots and missing tools in the current market offer, which we intend to supplement with our product.


Founded in 2018 as a studio of three developers, in 2022 the agency employs 30+ professionals. Specializing in WebGL compliant 3D modeling, configurations and asset development, CyberFox offers a variety of Web3D services. The portfolio contains clients such as Snapchat, Zepeto, Instagram, Decentraland, Sandbox and Roblox.


Having grown from a freelancer to an international multi-office company of 40+ employees in four years, the portfolio of Web3Dev demonstrates an emphasis on software and 3D development services. Completing projects of varying complexity, the primary scope is in real-time fabric simulation, web automation applications, 3D configurations and editors and commercial metaverse building for companies such as Artec 3D, Blend4Web and Customuse.

Stefan Vaskevich

Founder & CEO at CyberFox
As a top-notch Web3 developer with 10+ years of experience in programming and 2D/3D graphics, Stefan developed applications for 20+ companies and engaged in Web3D education and consultancy.

Sergey Svistunov

Founder & CEO at AVS Consulting & Web3Dev Studio
Holding a PhD in 3D Graphics with a dissertation specializing in creation of real-time realistic lighting in the environment, Sergey has 10+ years of experience in 3D programming (OpenGL, CUDA) and 5+ experience in web development.
Birth of OWNverse
With a history of launching several startups and building components for Web3 ecosystems for others, Stefan and Sergey decided to join forces and shift the focus towards building their own platform – the OWNverse.
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